Top Products And Solutions


Top Products And Solutions

NEW - Explosion Isolation Flap

D3810 Mass Flow Sensor

Flexi Fume Extraction Arm.
3-Channel Gas Blender

NEW - Explosion Isolation Flap

An ATEX certified defense against explosion in ducting, ventilation, and extraction systems.

D3810 Mass Flow Sensor

This specialized digital flow meter is a low cost industrial solution designed to focus on accuracy and adaptability.

Flexi Fume Extraction Arm

The finest fume extraction arm in the business; easy to install, position, and maneuver. Incredible suction for exhaust, smoke, and particles. Highly recommended for welding and soldering.

3-Channel Gas Blender

The one and only lab-in-a-box! Streamline your gases with a high control, low hassle instrument. Use our free software to run it from your laptop, so easily an undergrad could do it.

Automatic Blast Gate

Automatic energy saving blast gates operated by double-acting compressed air cylinders, these save time and money on your unique project.

Super PM Fume Extraction Arm

This space saving extraction arm is built for high standard environments, such as laboratories, food, and pharmaceutical applications. A mix of powder-coated and acid proof stainless steel, this arm is easy to dismount and sterilize.

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