Dust Monitoring

Through our Dust Monitoring branch, we provide an array of solutions for emissions, process, and ambient monitoring. Locating dust, leaks, and safety concerns is the height of our practice within MCI Dust Monitoring, with unique technology stemming from inductive electrification.

About the Manufacturer

Since 1993, Sintrol has grown into one of the world's largest dust monitor manufacturers supplying a wide range of particulate matter measurement devices. Sintrol's dust monitors have been developed an enhanced with state of the art equipment and verified by Finland's foremost technical universities as well as third body certification bodies.

Sintrol provides high quality solutions and dust measuring devices to dozens of industries, including the process industry, power plants, equipment manufacturers, universities, food manufacturers, among others. Sintrol's range of solutions can fit your particular measurement needs, including government emissions control improving workplace health, equipment protection, among others. With a dedicated development team constantly improving their services, Sintrol is always on the lookout for new applications to tackle.

The cornerstone of Sintrol's quality principles is developing high-quality solutions that give genuine customer benefits. Their highly skilled team at headquarters in Helsinki is committed to bringing the benefits of their expertise to the end users.

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