Ball Joint


$238.28 - $1,027.87

Installed in ducting as part of a dust collection system, the Nordfab QF® Ball Joint allows up to 22° of movement off-center. The movement allows flexibility in the duct, allowing it to rotate in all directions. The ball joint’s use is similar to that of a QF Elbow but an Elbow has a set angle and direction whereas a ball joint has 360° directional capability and an angle from 0°-22°, depending on the application.

Not available in SS.

Current Stock:

QF Ball Joint
ø A (in) Material Thickness Legacy Item No. Item No.
4 Galv 20ga 3209-0400-100000 8010002149
6 Galv 20ga 3209-0600-100000 8010002153
8 Galv 18ga 3209-0800-100000 8010002143
10 Galv 18ga 3209-1000-100000 8010002140
12 Galv 16ga 3209-1200-100000 8010002138
14 Galv 14ga 3209-1400-100000 8010002136