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EASY TO INSTALL: No rivets, screws, tools, or welding needed. Just clamp together by hand.

LEAK-TIGHT Laser Welded Ducting Seams
TOUGH AND DURABLE: Available in galvanized and stainless steel.


"Nordfab®, Quick-Fit®, and QF® are registered brands of Nordfab and are used here with Nordfab permission as we are a Nordfab Authorized Dealer".

  • Nordfab QF duct pipe


      QF® Duct Pipe has a laser welded seam and Quick-Fit (QF) rolled ends for use with QF ... Read More

    $32.00 - $693.00
  • Elbow


    Duct Elbows, also referred to as bends, allow airflow direction change in a line of duct. Standard Nordfab ... Read More

    $42.00 - $1,928.00
  • Elbow - Long Radius

    Elbow - Long Radius

    Ducting elbows, sometimes referred to as bends, allow airflow direction change in a straight run of ductwork. Nordfab’s ... Read More

    $42.00 - $7,212.00
  • Nordfab Q-F Ducting  Branch


    QF Branches (sometimes called “wyes” or “laterals”) are standard with QF rolled ends, allowing quick connections with ... Read More

    $128.00 - $2,121.00
  • Nordfab Q-F T-branch


    Nordfab QF® T-branch duct fittings are available in galvanized and stainless steel.   QF Tee Branch ø A (in) ø B ... Read More

    $130.00 - $928.00
  • Nordfab Q-F double branch

    Double Branch

    Nordfab’s Quick-Fit® (QF) ductwork clamps together in seconds without welds, bolts, screws, flanges, special tools, precise measurements ... Read More

    $164.00 - $1,111.00
  • In Cut

    In Cut

    Nordfab QF® In-cut duct fittings are used to cut into existing duct lines to begin a Quick-Fit ... Read More

    $58.00 - $715.00
  • Y Branch

    Y Branch

    Nordfab QF® duct branches in Y shape (sometimes called “true wyes”) are standard 60º between legs, optional ... Read More

    $165.00 - $1,115.00
  • Tap In

    Tap In

    Nordfab QF® Tap-In duct fittings are used to cut into existing lines to begin a Quick-Fit (QF) ... Read More

    $58.00 - $715.00
  • Rubber Hose - Black

    Rubber Hose - Black

    Black thermoplastic flexible rubber hose reinforced with spring steel wire helix designed for dust collection (woodworking, metals, ... Read More

    $23.00 - $360.00
  • Rigid Flex Steel Hose

    Rigid Flex Steel Hose

    Nordfab’s flexible rigid steel hose is for applications involving higher temperatures or abrasive material. Available in Galvanized or ... Read More

    $30.00 - $540.00
  • Canopy Hood

    Canopy Hood

    Specify opening size: 18″ square, 24″ square, 36″ square, or 48″ square. Other sizes upon request (max. ... Read More

    $203.00 - $3,689.00
  • Barrel Hood

    Barrel Hood

    Nordfab’s QF® Barrel Hood is designed to fit 55 gallon drums and provide a fast connection to ... Read More

    $403.00 - $1,251.00
  • Machine Adapter

    Machine Adapter

    Nordfab QF® Machine Adapters allow easy connection of Quick-Fit (QF) ductwork to machines requiring dust or fume ... Read More

    $24.00 - $129.00
  • End Cap

    End Cap

    QF® End Caps connect easily with the QF clamp and are used to cap-off an unused ducting ... Read More

    $16.00 - $107.00
  • Reducer


    Nordfab QF® Reducers provide easy transition from one size of duct pipe or fitting to a smaller ... Read More

    $54.00 - $369.00
  • Hose Adapter

    Hose Adapter

    Nordfab QF® Hose Adapters provide connection from Quick-Fit (QF) ductwork to flex hose. Hose end is beaded ... Read More

    $24.00 - $132.00
  • strut hanger - ducting

    Strut Hanger

    For strut channel mounting Nut and bolt included Tested by MET Laboratories to hold up to 170 lbs for ... Read More

    $13.00 - $138.00
  • pipe hanger hj - ducting

    Pipe Hanger HJ

    3"-24" hanger made from Galvanized steel 14 GA. Clearance hole 7/16". Bolts are supplied with hanger. Bolt size 1/4" ... Read More

    $17.00 - $197.00
  • pipe hanger - ducting

    Pipe Hanger

    3"-24" hanger made from Galvanized steel 14 GA. Clearance hole 5/16". Bolts are supplied with hanger. Bolt size 1/4" ... Read More

    $9.00 - $221.00
  • Suction Hood

    Suction Hood

      Specify A,B,C,D,E & F Dimensions.     NUMBER OF PICK-UPS PART NO. 2 PICK-UPS 3230-02 3 PICK-UPS 3230-03 4 PICK-UPS 3230-04 5 PICK-UPS 3230-05 6 PICK-UPS 3230-06 ... Read More

    $244.00 - $1,096.00
  • viewing spool - ducting

    Viewing Spool

    QF® duct with section of acrylic glass to allow view of material flow. QF Viewing Spool ø A (in) Material Thickness Legacy ... Read More

    $302.00 - $716.00
  • Vibration Isolator

    Vibration Isolator

    Reduces vibration from the fan to the ducting system. QF Vibration Isolator ø A (in) Material Thickness Legacy Item No. Item No... ... Read More

    $87.00 - $754.00
  • Silencer


    When installed in ductwork, Nordfab QF® silencers can significantly reduce the noise in a dust collection system, ... Read More

    $564.00 - $3,629.00
  • no loss stackhead

    No Loss Stackhead

    Used when exhausting from fans or stacks through roof Eliminates back pressure on fan while providing weather protection.Flange ... Read More

    $94.00 - $1,436.00
  • Mist Recycler

    Mist Recycler

    Extracts oil to minimize amount of oil flowing through entire system. Installs in vertical or horizontal applications.Consists of ... Read More

    $459.00 - $1,525.00
  • Ball Joint

    Ball Joint

    Installed in ducting as part of a dust collection system, the Nordfab QF® Ball Joint allows up ... Read More

    $199.00 - $859.00
  • Clamp


    Nordfab's Quick-Fit® Clamp provides quick and easy connections for Nordfab’s Quick-Fit Duct ductwork. Quick-Fit Ducting is ideal ... Read More

    $10.00 - $92.00
  • router hood

    Router Hood

    Dimensionally, Nordfab QF® Router Hoods are very similar to surface grinder hoods and are often used as ... Read More

    $184.00 - $637.00
  • Floor sweep - ducting

    Floor Sweep

      Quick and effective floor cleaning. Galvanized sheet metal with sturdy closing door. Body 22 gauge, Door 14 gauge.   QF Floor ... Read More

    $220.40 - $659.00
  • Butterfly Valve

    Butterfly Valve

    A standard locking quadrant handle enables users to regulate air volumes in clean air applications. For use only ... Read More

    $64.60 - $326.00
  • Bleed-In Valve

    Bleed-In Valve

    Used to adjust airflow to balance system by introducing ambient air. US QF Bleed In Valve ø A (in) Material Thickness Legacy ... Read More

    $65.40 - $365.00