Featuring - NORDFAB® Quick-Fit® Ductwork - The World's Fastest Ducting 

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Nordfab quick-fit ductwork is incredibly easy for anyone to install. You will not need rivets, screws, welding, or even tools to finish the job. Just clamp the ductwork together by hand.

This industrial ducting is completely adaptable to fit onto any existing ducting. 

Nordfab ducting utilizes laser-welded seams to ensure a completely leak-tight design.

Quick-fit ductwork comes in galvanized or stainless steel, giving you plenty of options to meet the specifications of your project.

EASY TO INSTALL: No rivets, screws, tools, or welding needed. Just clamp together by hand.

LEAK-TIGHT Laser Welded Ducting Seams
TOUGH AND DURABLE: Available in galvanized and stainless steel.


  • Nordfab QF duct pipe


      QF® Duct Pipe has a laser welded seam and Quick-Fit (QF) rolled ends for use with QF ... Read More

    $39.79 - $868.37
  • Nordfab quick fit elbow


    Duct Elbows, also referred to as bends, allow airflow direction change in a line of duct. Standard Nordfab ... Read More

    $52.56 - $1,420.60
  • Elbow - Long Radius

    Elbow - Long Radius

    Ducting elbows, sometimes referred to as bends, allow airflow direction change in a straight run of ductwork. Nordfab’s ... Read More

    $52.56 - $1,801.02
  • Nordfab Q-F Ducting  Branch


    QF Branches (sometimes called “wyes” or “laterals”) are standard with QF rolled ends, allowing quick connections with ... Read More

    $153.07 - $1,095.61
  • Nordfab Q-F T-branch


    Nordfab QF® T-branch duct fittings are available in galvanized and stainless steel.   QF Tee Branch ø A (in) ø B ... Read More

    $155.48 - $1,109.98
  • Nordfab Q-F double branch

    Double Branch

    Nordfab’s Quick-Fit® (QF) ductwork clamps together in seconds without welds, bolts, screws, flanges, special tools, precise measurements ... Read More

    $195.96 - $1,328.14
  • In Cut

    In Cut

    Nordfab QF® In-cut duct fittings are used to cut into existing duct lines to begin a Quick-Fit ... Read More

    $69.23 - $1,040.64
  • Y Branch

    Y Branch

    Nordfab QF® duct branches in Y shape (sometimes called “true wyes”) are standard 60º between legs, optional ... Read More

    $196.88 - $1,333.77
  • Tap In

    Tap In

    Nordfab QF® Tap-In duct fittings are used to cut into existing lines to begin a Quick-Fit (QF) ... Read More

    $69.23 - $743.20
  • Rubber Hose - Black

    Rubber Hose - Black

    Black thermoplastic flexible rubber hose reinforced with spring steel wire helix designed for dust collection (woodworking, metals, ... Read More

    $27.60 - $430.10
  • Rigid Flex Steel Hose

    Rigid Flex Steel Hose

    Nordfab’s flexible rigid steel hose is for applications involving higher temperatures or abrasive material. Available in Galvanized or ... Read More

    $35.65 - $645.73
  • Jet Cap

    Jet Cap

    Prevents rain from entering.Inner funnel piece allows rain to drain out of ductwork even when system is ... Read More

    $473.00 - $3,479.00
  • Wall Flashing

    Wall Flashing

    Provides weather protection (outdoors) and cover (indoors) for wall penetration.Ordering one QF® Wall Flashing provides you with ... Read More

    $63.02 - $335.57
  • Canopy Hood

    Canopy Hood

    Specify opening size: 18″ square, 24″ square, 36″ square, or 48″ square. Other sizes upon request (max. ... Read More

    $254.61 - $2,600.61
  • Barrel Hood

    Barrel Hood

    Nordfab’s QF® Barrel Hood is designed to fit 55 gallon drums and provide a fast connection to ... Read More

    $1,340.68 - $1,568.03
  • Machine Adapter

    Machine Adapter

    Nordfab QF® Machine Adapters allow easy connection of Quick-Fit (QF) ductwork to machines requiring dust or fume ... Read More

    $28.52 - $155.14
  • End Cap

    End Cap

    QF® End Caps connect easily with the QF clamp and are used to cap-off an unused ducting ... Read More

    $20.70 - $133.86
  • Reducer


    Nordfab QF® Reducers provide easy transition from one size of duct pipe or fitting to a smaller ... Read More

    $64.75 - $441.14
  • Hose Adapter

    Hose Adapter

    Nordfab QF® Hose Adapters provide connection from Quick-Fit (QF) ductwork to flex hose. Hose end is beaded ... Read More

    $28.87 - $157.90
  • strut hanger - ducting

    Strut Hanger

    For strut channel mounting Nut and bolt included Tested by MET Laboratories to hold up to 170 lbs for ... Read More

    $16.22 - $173.08
  • pipe hanger hj - ducting

    Pipe Hanger HJ

    3"-24" hanger made from Galvanized steel 14 GA. Clearance hole 7/16". Bolts are supplied with hanger. Bolt size 1/4" ... Read More

    $21.28 - $246.91
  • pipe hanger - ducting

    Pipe Hanger

    3"-24" hanger made from Galvanized steel 14 GA. Clearance hole 5/16". Bolts are supplied with hanger. Bolt size 1/4" ... Read More

    $10.81 - $276.92
  • viewing spool - ducting

    Viewing Spool

    QF® duct with section of acrylic glass to allow view of material flow. QF Viewing Spool ø A (in) Material Thickness Legacy ... Read More

    $378.01 - $2,134.17
  • Vibration Isolator

    Vibration Isolator

    Reduces vibration from the fan to the ducting system. QF Vibration Isolator ø A (in) Material Thickness Legacy Item No. Item No... ... Read More

    $108.79 - $945.65
  • Silencer


    When installed in ductwork, Nordfab QF® silencers can significantly reduce the noise in a dust collection system, ... Read More

    $673.90 - $4,340.10
  • no loss stackhead

    No Loss Stackhead

    Used when exhausting from fans or stacks through roof Eliminates back pressure on fan while providing weather protection.Flange ... Read More

    $117.30 - $1,799.98
  • Mist Recycler

    Mist Recycler

    Extracts oil to minimize amount of oil flowing through entire system. Installs in vertical or horizontal applications.Consists of ... Read More

    $575.00 - $1,911.76
  • Ball Joint

    Ball Joint

    Installed in ducting as part of a dust collection system, the Nordfab QF® Ball Joint allows up ... Read More

    $238.28 - $1,027.87
  • Clamp


    Nordfab's Quick-Fit® Clamp provides quick and easy connections for Nordfab’s Quick-Fit Duct ductwork. Quick-Fit Ducting is ideal ... Read More

    $12.54 - $115.46
  • router hood

    Router Hood

    Dimensionally, Nordfab QF® Router Hoods are very similar to surface grinder hoods and are often used as ... Read More

    $230.81 - $798.45
  • Floor sweep - ducting

    Floor Sweep

      Quick and effective floor cleaning. Galvanized sheet metal with sturdy closing door. Body 22 gauge, Door 14 gauge.   QF Floor ... Read More

    $276.23 - $825.93