Duct Branches

Here at Monkey Industrial Supply, we have a wide variety of duct branches for sale. Whether you need a T branch, double branch, or Y branch, we can supply them with them all. As former chemical engineers, we understand the value of high-quality products—that is why we only carry reputable brands, such as Nordfab. We take great pride in being a certified Nordfab ducting supplier. To shop for a specific duct branch, use the filter feature to narrow down your search. Browse our website to learn more about our industrial ductwork. If you have any questions, contact our team. We are always available to further discuss our ductwork branches for sale. 

  • Nordfab Q-F Ducting  Branch


    QF Branches (sometimes called “wyes” or “laterals”) are standard with QF rolled ends, allowing quick ... Read More

    $153.07 - $1,095.61
  • Nordfab Q-F T-branch


    Nordfab QF® T-branch duct fittings are available in galvanized and stainless steel.   QF Tee Branch ø A ... Read More

    $155.48 - $1,109.98
  • Nordfab Q-F double branch

    Double Branch

    Nordfab’s Quick-Fit® (QF) ductwork clamps together in seconds without welds, bolts, screws, flanges, special tools, ... Read More

    $195.96 - $1,328.14
  • In Cut

    In Cut

    Nordfab QF® In-cut duct fittings are used to cut into existing duct lines to begin ... Read More

    $69.23 - $1,040.64
  • Y Branch

    Y Branch

    Nordfab QF® duct branches in Y shape (sometimes called “true wyes”) are standard 60º between ... Read More

    $196.88 - $1,333.77
  • Tap In

    Tap In

    Nordfab QF® Tap-In duct fittings are used to cut into existing lines to begin a ... Read More

    $69.23 - $743.20