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12 Benefits of Owning a Backup Generator

Monkey Industrial Supply - May 10th 2021

As a homeowner, you have a lot of options in terms of the additions you can make to improve aesthetics or functionality. A lot of danger can come to your home, and if there’s one thing you can’t control, it’s mother nature. However, you can control what you do to protect your property and keep everything you utilize running smoothly. A backup home generator is the answer and should be at the top of your list, with a variety of options available at Monkey Industrial Supply to suit your budget and needs. Keep reading to gain more insight into the benefits of owning a backup generator for your home.

Keep HVAC On

You might take your home’s HVAC system for granted when you have it on all the time, but it can only function if it has power. If it dies in the summer or winter, that can be dangerous for those who live in your home. If the recent winter storm in Texas was any indication, a backup generator that can keep your home safe and comfortable in the event of a storm is well worth any hassle or expense. There’s nothing more unpredictable than the weather, which is why preparedness is essential, and there’s no better way to do that for your home than to have a backup generator set up and ready to go.

Prevents Frozen Pipes

During the winter, a power outage comes with its own set of issues that can be really expensive to deal with, like frozen pipes. If your home’s pipes freeze, you might not have access to running water, you’ll need to deal with the possibility of them bursting, and it may result in bad odors throughout your home. There are several ways to prevent frozen pipes, and one of the best is to install a backup generator to keep temperatures in your home stable.

Enjoy Entertainment During an Outage

A power outage can last from a few hours to days, and things can quickly get pretty boring. These are the moments when we miss our TV and internet the most, but with a backup generator, you’ll still be able to function as if nothing has happened. Plus, having power will also allow you to keep your phone charged in case of an emergency.

Keep Working From Home

Many people are also still working from their home offices, temporarily or permanently, due to office shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work has plenty of benefits, but a power outage can cause even more headaches than your job is already giving you. A backup generator can save you from hours of catch-up at work if the power goes out. With working from home becoming the norm for many, a backup generator is an important consideration for many to make.

Easier To Remain Hygienic

Another issue with a power outage is not being able to shower, take a bath, wash your hands, or go to the bathroom. If you don’t want to relieve yourself in a bucket, or wash yourself down with wipes, having a generator can keep your bathrooms running so that you don’t need to resort to alternative methods for staying clean and hygienic.

Cook Food When the Power Is Out

When the power goes out and you don’t have a generator, you also have to find other ways to cook your meals. While you can go out and get food or throw some meat on the grill, going outside might not be an option if dangerous storms are behind the power outage in the first place. Don’t worry about stocking your pantry with nonperishables or throwing out all the food in your refrigerator when it starts to go bad. Instead, go about your business as usual with backup power.

Offers Protection From Theft

Home security systems and security features like floodlights provide protection and peace of mind to many homes. However, no power can make your home more vulnerable in a matter of seconds. That’s why another great benefit of owning a backup generator is that it will keep your home protected and security systems intact.

Keep the Lights On

Besides keeping any security systems awake, power from a generator can also keep you from resorting to candles to get around your home at night. Lighting up candles around your home might sound appealing at first, but it does increase the risk of a fire. It can be incredibly hard to get around your home in the dark, so a generator is worth it for that alone.

Avoid Overflowing Sump Pump

If your home has a sump pump, then you have one more thing to worry about during power outages. Without power, your sump pump won’t function, and any water coming into the home will have nowhere to go. No one wants to deal with the headache of an overflowing sump pump and basement flooding. A generator is a must for those who have sump pumps because you always want to make sure it can work effectively.

Generators Power up Quickly

You have enough to deal with in your day-to-day life without having to struggle with all the various issues associated with a sudden power outage. The good news about having a backup generator in your home is that you don’t have to worry about all these details because your generator will typically start up quickly without a lot of fuss. Therefore, you can move on with your day without the additional stress.

Stay in Your Home

When the power goes out and you don’t have a backup generator, it can be days until you get your power back. In this case, many families end up having to stay at a hotel, which can be incredibly expensive, depending on how many people live in your household. The simple addition of a generator in your backyard can end up saving you money and keep you in the comfort of your own home.

Increase Home Value

Adding a generator to your home can actually increase its value. Because there are so many benefits, including those mentioned in this blog, a house can be incredibly appealing with the addition of a generator, especially since many home buyers might not want to go through the hassle of installing one themselves. However, Monkey Industrial Supply offers many backup generators for sale and can make the process of installing one easier on you every step of the way.

12 Benefits of Owning a Backup Generator