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Factors To Consider Before Investing in a Backup Generator

Monkey Industrial Supply - Jul 16th 2021

When the power grid goes down for your home, you and your family may go without lights and electricity for hours or even days. Some locations may not have reliable and consistent power at all. Having a backup generator at home can help you prepare for these occasions. Learn the factors to consider before investing in a backup generator below.

Where Are You Located

Different regions in the US are more prone to natural disasters that can knock out power for extended periods. Suppose you're living in a location where hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, heatwaves, or snowstorms are common. It can be crucial in these cases to have a reliable backup generator.

What Are Your Power Needs

The type of generator you need can depend on what you desire out of a backup system. Suppose you want to keep essentials such as the fridge running. In that case, your power needs won't be as large as someone who wants to have no interruptions in things like entertainment or air conditioning. Keep your needs in mind to choose a suitable capacity for your generator.

Where Will It Be Stored

Make sure to store your generator in a cool, dry environment, and keep in mind that gasoline in the fuel tank has a limited shelf life of one year. If you're going to store the generator outside, make sure it's in a durable enclosure that will endure years of operation as well as extreme weather or environmental damage. If noise is an issue, you might be able to construct an additional enclosure surrounding the generator.

Benefits of a Generator

When the electricity goes out, having a generator can provide you and your family a sense of security. They bring numerous benefits that you should consider, including the following:

  • Allows you to remain comfortable inside your home. Your generator can be essential if you have kids or elderly persons living with you.
  • It prevents food spoilage by keeping refrigerators and freezers running.
  • Heating and cooling systems, entertainment devices, work computers, and many other appliances can remain running without interruption.
  • It can be safely operated during virtually any natural disaster.
  • When the electricity comes back on, it protects your residence from dangerous voltage swings and surges.

Hopefully, you're able to keep in mind these factors to consider when investing in a backup generator. When you're in the market for a backup generator, Monkey Industrial Supply is ready to meet your needs. We have high-quality standby home generators for sale that are perfect for providing you with electricity when your power goes out. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.