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How To Improve Indoor Air Quality In a Manufacturing Plant

Monkey Industrial Supply - Aug 13th 2021

Maintaining good air quality in manufacturing plants can be challenging. The everyday operations within manufacturing facilities can generate a wide range of airborne contaminants that you must adequately minimize or remove to have a safe and healthy workplace. Discover how to improve indoor air quality in a manufacturing plant and effectively reduce health risks.

Change Up Cleaning Methods

Avoid using abrasive cleaners, solvent-based cleaners, or cleaners with strong scents. Choose fragrance-free cleaning products and watch out for any claiming to be odor-free—they may still have fragrances that can act as irritants. Ensure every employee has the proper PPE when cleaning and ensure everyone is instructed on the proper protocols when they spot leaks and spills.

Remove Airborne Contaminants At Their Source

Install dust collection equipment such as a fume extraction system near spaces where pollutants are likely to be kicked up. You can replace contaminated air with fresh air when the system has an extraction arm attached. Before the operator's breathing zone is compromised, the fume extraction arms will guide polluted air into the fume extractor's filter chamber.

Check Safety Equipment Regularly

All safety equipment used to regulate the working environment must be inspected regularly to ensure they’re working correctly. Make sure you are scheduling dust collection systems maintenance weekly. You can make sure the air quality stays high when you catch problems early.

Extensive Training and Employee Feedback

You should educate anyone who will be spending time inside the manufacturing plant on the safety measures they must follow. Hold weekly meetings where employees may raise any safety or health concerns to address issues quickly. Beyond that, foster an open environment in which everyone feels free to express any safety concerns they may have at any time.

Anyone interested in learning how to improve air quality in a manufacturing plant should focus on having correctly functioning safety equipment and well-trained workers. Monkey Industrial Supply offers superior fume extraction equipment such as a telescopic extraction arm that will safely remove contaminants at their source, even in confined spaces. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.