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Importance of Keeping Ductwork in Good Working Condition

Monkey Industrial Supply - Aug 30th 2021

It can be hard to spot potential defects in industrial ductwork as much of it is hidden from view. When breakdowns occur, the air quality can be compromised, risks to total system efficiency can form. Read on to learn more about the importance of keeping ductwork in good working condition.

Prevent Mold From Growing

When humidity doesn’t get adequately removed from the air, it can lead to excess moisture, which is the ideal habitat for mold development. Because air ducts link numerous indoor rooms together, your ductwork can distribute mold collected in its interior walls across the workplace, leading to health issues. Detect mold by getting your ductwork professionally examined. When mold gets discovered in metal ducting, have the ducts carefully cleaned while replacing moldy fiberglass ducts and insulation.

Maintain Energy Efficiency

Although ductwork has few moving parts, it nevertheless experiences stress and static pressure during its lifetime. Make sure you seal ductwork with the suitable material to prevent it from deteriorating due to natural wear and strain. Having high-quality insulation gives significant benefits for the long-term energy efficiency of your facilities.

Stop Contaminant Build-Up

When dust, allergens, and other contaminants start to build up inside your ductwork, the congestion can lead to systematic failures across the building and create unsafe working conditions. You’ll also have to use more energy to maintain regular flow, leading to increased utility costs. Routinely check for blockages, leaks, dust, and other potential hazards that can accumulate inside so everything can continue to run at peak performance.

In general, the importance of keeping ductwork in good working condition is to ensure faulty sections get identified before they cause system failure, that air quality gets maintained at high levels, and that repairs and replacements are made when necessary. Monkey Industrial Supply offers quick-fit ductwork that’s fully adaptable and ready to fit any existing ductwork when replacements need to be made. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.