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Industrial applications of fume extraction arms

May 31st 2023

A fume extraction arm is commonly used in various industrial applications where the removal of harmful fumes, gases, dust, or particles is required to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. Here are some industrial applications where fume extraction arms are often used:

  1. Welding and Metal Fabrication: Fume extraction arms are extensively used in welding and metal fabrication processes to capture and remove welding fumes, metal dust, and particles generated during welding, cutting, grinding, or soldering operations.
  2. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: Fume extraction arms are vital in chemical and pharmaceutical industries to capture and remove hazardous fumes, vapors, and gases generated during the production, handling, or packaging of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
  3. Laboratory and Research Facilities: Fume extraction arms are crucial in laboratories and research facilities where harmful fumes, vapors, or chemical reactions occur. These arms help remove hazardous substances and maintain a safe working environment for researchers and technicians.
  4. Electronics Manufacturing: Fume extraction arms are used in electronics manufacturing facilities to extract soldering fumes, flux gases, and other hazardous byproducts generated during the assembly, soldering, or rework of electronic components.
  5. Printing and Graphic Arts: Fume extraction arms are employed in printing and graphic arts industries to extract fumes, solvents, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted during the printing, ink mixing, or drying processes.
  6. Automotive and Vehicle Repair: Fume extraction arms are commonly used in automotive repair workshops, garages, and paint booths to capture and remove exhaust fumes, paint fumes, and other pollutants generated during painting, sanding, or vehicle maintenance operations.
  7. Woodworking and Furniture Manufacturing: Fume extraction arms find application in woodworking and furniture manufacturing industries to capture and remove wood dust, sawdust, and fumes generated during cutting, sanding, or finishing processes.
  8. Food Processing: Fume extraction arms can be utilized in food processing facilities to capture and remove cooking fumes, steam, and odors generated during cooking, frying, or baking processes, ensuring a healthier environment for workers.

It is important to note that the specific requirements for fume extraction arms may vary depending on the industry, the type of pollutants generated, and the regulations governing workplace safety and air quality. Consulting with safety experts or professionals in the relevant industry is advisable to determine the appropriate fume extraction solution for a particular application.