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Reasons To Invest in a Backup Generator for Your Business

Oct 6th 2021

You must be able to prepare your business for emergencies that could leave staff and customers vulnerable. Power outages can happen anywhere at any time. Unless you have a fallback option, like a backup generator, you might be without power for hours or even days, which can have significant consequences on people's safety and your bottom line. Read on to learn more about the reasons to invest in a backup generator for your business.

How Do Generators Work?

While the name may imply otherwise, a generator doesn't actually generate electricity. Instead, they transform mechanical or chemical energy into electrical energy. They do this by harnessing the power of motion and converting it to electrical energy by pushing electrons from an external source through an electrical circuit.

Generator engines run on a number of fuels, including diesel, gasoline, propane (liquid or gaseous), and natural gas. Gasoline is typically for smaller engines, whereas you’ll typically use diesel, liquid propane, propane gas, or natural gas for bigger engines. Once fueled, a generator will power any appliances, lights, HVAC systems, electrical equipment, or anything else you connect to it.

What Types of Generators Are Available?

There are two types of generators available: automatic and portable, which operate in slightly different ways. Both, however, will achieve the goal of providing your business with electricity in the event of an emergency.


Automatic, also known as standby generators, are permanently installed and hooked up to your building. When the electricity goes out, the generators recognize the situation and immediately supply power. Once your power gets restored, the backup system automatically shuts off and reroutes power back to the primary electrical grid.


A portable generator, in contrast, isn’t permanently installed, but you can move it around and set it up as needed. It typically runs on gasoline or diesel. You must manually engage and deactivate it for use.

Why You Should Invest in a Backup Generator

Having a generator on hand can be beneficial to just about any organization. Here are some of the wonderful benefits these backup systems provide for anyone contemplating investing in one.

Don't Skip a Beat

Time is money, as the adage goes, and when your power goes out for even a couple of hours, it can have a massive effect on your business's performance. When that downtime extends even longer, it may have a substantial impact on your bottom line that will take a long time to recover from. However, with the right generator, you won't have to worry about computer systems failing or lights going out, and you can continue conducting business as usual.

Keep In Contact With Customers

When the power goes out, it might be difficult, if not impossible, to engage with customers. When you have a generator on hand, you can keep these channels of communication open, unlike other firms in your same region that don’t have a backup, which is vital to consumers who appreciate dependability. Depending on the services you provide, the ability to stay in touch with consumers can be invaluable or even an absolute necessity.

Monitor Your Setup Remotely

Many modern backup systems have a remote monitoring system that allows you to check the condition of your generator from anywhere in the globe using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Remote monitoring also allows you to spot any potential issues before they flare up into much bigger problems that could damage your generator, helping you save time and money in the process.

Ready for Any Adverse Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions like heavy rainstorms, hail, deep freezes, and high winds can knock out an area's electrical grid with little notice, leaving your business without power for an unknown period. However, your backup generator will start and run regardless of the weather if the electricity goes out, keeping lights and essential services up. While you wait for your electricity to get back up and running, you may continue running your business and keeping your employees comfortable indoors.

Backup Systems Can Run For Lengthy Amounts of Time

Standby generators get powered by robust engines that run on diesel or natural gas, allowing you to store added fuel. These engines enable your high-capacity commercial generator to run for days on end, supplying continuous electricity to your business if necessary. For example, you can pipe natural gas directly into the generator, avoiding the need for constant refueling and providing further peace of mind.

When you own a diesel-powered generator, it's a great idea to keep a supply on hand in case of an emergency. You can store diesel for up to 12 months without it deteriorating in quality, so keep that in mind as you rotate backup fuel annually. Make sure to place it in a proper storage container and keep it in a clean, cool, and dry location.

Protection From Power Surges

A sudden loss of electricity is the most common cause of a power surge. When the power grid comes back online, the surge can cause considerable damage to crucial electrical components and, even worse, can lead to a fire breaking out. However, if you have an automated backup generator, you can keep these dangerous power surges from ruining your building's equipment, appliances, computers, and other electronic equipment. Because the generator can detect when the electricity goes out, it will immediately redirect power to the generator, ensuring that there are no catastrophic spikes in electricity resulting from the outage.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Many businesses can work themselves into a panic when they know that extreme weather could potentially knock out essential utilities. When you have a generator, you can be confident that you’ll avoid any potential loss of revenue. For business owners who already have a lot on their plates, that peace of mind can prove tremendously beneficial.

These are just a few of the many great reasons to invest in a backup generator for your business. You'll never have to worry about not being able to power critical services in the event of a blackout, and standby generators will protect you from power spikes that could destroy your electrical equipment.

Monkey Industrial Supply has a comprehensive selection of high-quality backup generators for sale that will keep your business running smoothly even when the electrical grid is down. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

Reasons To Invest in a Backup Generator for Your Business