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What To Consider When Purchasing a Fume Extraction System

Sep 28th 2021

Your fume extraction systems are critical to the safety of industrial employees. As a result, you must ensure that you select the best designs for your workplace. Read on to learn what to consider when purchasing a fume extraction system.

What Industry Are You In?

While it may seem obvious, it’s essential to verify and double-check that you choose the correct fume extraction equipment for the job. An extraction system designed for the food or pharmaceutical industry won’t be effective for welding workplaces and vice versa.

How Many Fumes Do You Generate?

You'll need to assess how long your industrial operations run and the concentration of particles in your fumes. When you operate 24 hours a day or weld for an entire workday continuously, you'll likely create increased weld fume particles. Therefore, fume extractors that run constantly and have self-cleaning processes are an excellent choice to reduce downtime. A compact portable fume extractor, by contrast, may be the best solution if you just utilize weld stations on occasion or work in a less fume-intensive environment, such as pharmaceuticals or automotive.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Determine where weld fumes get produced and what your facility's layout permits regarding equipment placement, bearing in mind that removing fumes near the source is always better. Consider a source fume extractor where each weld station has its own collecting hood, extraction arm, or workstation to absorb fumes created exclusively by that process. An ambient extraction system that pulls fumes from the whole area is better when space is limited as a result of overhanging cranes, constrained floor space, or a lack of ducting.

What Does Your Team Need?

Work with fume extraction systems personnel to weigh their opinion on what will function best in day-to-day operations. Receiving their feedback early on will aid in developing a system that they’ll be more inclined to implement. For example, capturing equipment like extraction arms should be flexible and lengthy enough for employees to adapt as they maneuver around components.

Monkey Industrial Supply offers an extensive range of high-quality industrial fume extraction systems that are perfect for improving your working environment's air quality and safety. Hopefully, these tips for what to consider when purchasing a fume extraction system will help you make the best possible choice for your workplace. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about our products.