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Why Maintenance Matters in Fume Extraction Systems

Monkey Industrial Supply - Jul 8th 2021

The usual course of work in industrial settings can release hazardous fumes into the air. Fume extraction systems use a fan to draw fumes and particles into a filtering system that removes dangerous chemicals and particles from the air. Fume extractors employ a range of filters, with some systems using numerous filters in line, depending on the process. The combination of a strong fan and a high-quality filtering medium generates a recirculating airflow.

Maintaining these systems properly helps keep the process running smoothly. Learn more about why maintenance matters in fume extraction systems below.

Importance of Maintenance

It is vital to develop a maintenance plan of action to guarantee constant and effective operation, enhance service life, and prevent system failure. A fume extraction system's goal is to reduce the exposure of workers to hazardous fumes. Unfortunately, the system may not appropriately limit such exposure if it is not maintained correctly. For that reason, improper maintenance can be a significant health hazard to workers and lead to profoundly serious complications.

Below are some distinct types of maintenance that you should routinely perform. The maintenance requirements may vary slightly depending on the size of the system.

Filter Replacement

In a fume extraction system, a filter captures and removes airborne particles from the working environment. Filters can, however, get saturated with particle matter over time. Therefore, you must replace the filter periodically. Typically, there will be some indication from the system, such as a tone or gauge, that can signal the need for a filter change. If the filter becomes heavily saturated and you do not replace it, you may notice a drop in extraction capacity and a decrease in fume extraction.

Empty Dust Tray

The dust tray captures particles both from the extracted fumes and other airborne particles. To avoid an overload of dust, you need to empty the dust tray regularly. The frequency at which you must drain the dust tray will vary depending on the size of the system. Failure to empty the tray can damage the filter and cause uncontrolled wear and tear to the system.

Compressed Air Working Optimally

Based on the system, clean and dry compressed air is utilized to clean the filters with various equipment. If the compressed air is wet or greasy, leaking, or does not have the correct pressure and flow to your filter cleaning equipment, your filter will not work optimally. Compressed air is essential for filter maintenance and prolonged use. Ensure that the compressed air in your system is functioning correctly.

Any industrial professional who utilizes them should know why maintenance matters in fume extraction systems. Monkey Industrial Supply has everything you need when you are in the market for fume extraction systems and other industrial products. We are a certified Nordfab ducting distributor offering high-quality industrial equipment and supplies. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.