Chemikus Wall/Ceiling Extractor Arm

$830.00 - $946.00

Soldering, gluing and Laboratories

Flexa extraction arms are designed to extract smoke, gas and light dust from soldering, grinding, gluing and laboratory work.

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Free Airflow in the Hose

Chemikus has the support arm outside. Nothing in the hose to disturb the airflow. The hose has a smooth inside. It is easy to dismantle the hose, to clean it, if necessary.

Perfectly balanced

The external hydraulically suspended parallelogram arms are the secret. The hood is very easy to move and 100% stable in all positions.

Wall or ceiling mounting

Flexa can be mounted on the wall or in the ceiling with the included standard bracket. 360 turning flange. Outlet with d.80mm inside for Flexa  d.75mm and outlet d.100mm inside for Flexa  d.100mm is included.

Includes wall bracket and turning flange, hose and hood.