Flexi FLT Ceiling Extractor Arm with Turning Flange

$1,024.00 - $1,960.00

Flexi Ceiling Extractor Arms FLT, with turning flange for ceiling mounting, come in 1.52345m models. They have a strong turning flange with 8 holes for M8 bolts. C/c 230 mm. The extractor arms have the same specification as Flexi Minor, Major and Horizontal but are without wall brackets.

Includes turning flange, hose and hood with damper. 8 holes for M8 bolts in the flange.

Inside Parallelogram Support Arms. Flexi Ceiling-, Table- and Filter extractor arms have the support arm inside. They are designed with the modern parallelogram technology for superior manoeuvrability and retaining of position.

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