FLX - Oil-and Coolant Mist Extraction Filters

$4,596.00 - $5,813.00

Coolant or Oil Mist

FLX mechanical oil mist filter is designed to eliminate coolant or oil mist from lathing, milling, drilling, sawing, watercutting, etc.

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With HEPA filter an over 99,99 % filtration efficiency is achieved.


FLX 600. Complete Unit - Filter and Fan / 0.75 kW / 3-Phase. 1020x665x435 mm. 65 kg 

FLX 1100. Complete Unit - Filter and Fan / 1.1 kW / 3-Phase. 1020x755x515 mm. 70 kg

Direct Mounting to the Machine

The FLX filter is designed to be mounted directly to the machine. When you switch the machine on the filter fan will also start. No costly duct work or complicated electric installation. Simple and efficient!

Seven Step Filtration

Coolant or Oil mist is efficiently filtrated in 7 steps:

  1. Inlet chamber with pre-separator.
  2. Aluminum mesh filter.
  3. EU-5 glasfibre fleece.
  4. Hydrofilter (impinger).
  5. EU-5 glasfibre fleece.
  6. Aluminum mesh filter.
  7. HEPA filter.

Filter 1,2,4 and 6 are washable. Filter 3 and 5 are to be changed when the airflow is too low.
The accumulated liquid is drained back to the machine through two return-pipes in the bottom of the FLX filter.