Gas Mixer Software


Free Software for Gas Mixers - (with the purchase of a gas mixer)


  • USB connected. Easy to install.
  • Define all the function parameters of the Gas Mixers.
  • Save and Load gas mixtures.
  • Automation, loops and routines creation.
  • Calculate your own K-Factor
  • Friendly user iterface


N2, O2, CO2, CH4, Air (additional gases supported on request)



Manage all the gas mixing parameters easily from your computer or laptop.


• FREE: Display Gas Blender Hardware information.

• FREE: Display Instrument Temperature.

• FREE: Specify the setpoint for the total flow mixture.

• FREE: Specify the percentage concentration for each channel

• FREE: Re-load default gases of calibration,

• FREE: Visualization of measured data.

• FREE: Save the current mixture.

• FREE: Load the current mixture.

• FREE: Manage Gas Settings.

• FREE: Change the gas type for each channel.

• FREE: Display the K-Factor.

• FREE: Enable or Disable channel.

• FREE: Change balance gas.

• PRO: Create and Automate Routine Laboratory Test.

• PRO: Select Time Work for each Test Line.

• PRO: Add, delete, copy, paste or remove Test Line.

• PRO: Save an Automate Routine Test in an external file.

• PRO: Load an Automate Routine Test from an external file.

• PRO: Create your 3 components Custom Cylinder.

• PRO: Calculate your customized K-Factor .

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