Jet Cleaner


JET-Cleaner Filter Cartridge Cleaner

The JET-Cleaner is a machine that fast and efficiently cleans cartridge filters.

It is made for cleaning MF and Wall-Flex filter cartridges (P-160).

When the airflow has gone down too much you take out the filter cartridge and put it into the JET-Cleaner. It takes 3×10 seconds to clean the filter. Then put it back into the MF or Wall-Flex unit and the normal airflow is back.

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JET-Pulse cleaning

The JET-Pulse cleaning system is a combination of normal backpulse and shaking. It is a very efficient and fast way of cleaning dirty cartridges.

100 times longer life

The JET-Cleaner will give your normal filter cartridges up to 100 times longer life. It is a substantial saving!