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A Gas Mixer designed specifically for cell expansion processes. The GB Nano offers precise control and blending of gases, creating optimal growth conditions. Its versatility allows for the creation of various conditions, including Hypoxia and Anoxia, by simply using Pure Gas Cylinders or diluting Air from the wall-mounted pipe. As an essential component in cell culture laboratories, the GB Nano supports research and development by facilitating advancements in cell-based studies.


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Main Benefits:

Icon Pure Gas Cylinder for flexibility

The Gas Mixer can be used to manage the flow of pure cylinders of O2 and CO2 (or many other gases) in order to create specific conditions such as Hypoxia, Anoxia, or any other.
Additionally, the Gas Mixer enables the dilution of Air to attain the desired gas composition

Icon Mass Flow Controller
GMP Suited.

In laboratory settings where the use of gas cylinders is prohibited, researchers can still achieve their desired conditions using the Gas Mixer in conjunction with the convenient wall-mounted Air pipes.
This innovative solution allows for precise managing of gases, enabling the creation of optimal growth environments for cell expansion processes.
Thanks to the Gas Mixer’s capabilities, including the ability to generate hypoxia, anoxia, and other conditions through the simple dilution of Air, laboratories can overcome limitations and continue to drive advancements in cell-based studies.

Icon Gas Mixer for Laboratory
A Gas Mixer for Laboratory.

Our Gas Mixers are specifically designed to help laboratories achieve the best results in terms of accuracy, modularity, and process speed, while using only a small amount of space in the environment.

Icon Laboratory in a Box
A Lab in a Box.

MCQ Instruments devices provide a complete laboratory experience in a single, ready-to-use box. Unlike traditional systems that require a complex tube system, external power supply, and significant space and budget considerations, our devices eliminate these additional requirements.

Icon Gas Mixer Easy to Use
No specific skills are required.

Gas Blender 100 Plus is an easy to use and FULLY AUTOMATED Gas Mixer. No specific skills are required to start creating your Gas Mixtures. Fast, stable, accurate, provided with an intuitive software and touch display. It assures top performances even when managing low flow rates.

Icon Software Gas Mixture Creator
Software included.

MCQ Instruments provides bundled software with all of its devices for full automation. Our instruments are designed to control every parameter, from the individual components of a gas mixture to the management of the entire process.

Icon Touch Screen Gas Mixture Creator
Touch Display.

In addition to our Gas Mixture Creator PC software, the GB100 Plus comes with a user-friendly touch display that simplifies the creation and management of Gas Mixtures. With just a few clicks, the process can be easily automated without requiring the use of a computer.

Icon Integration
Easy Integration.

ProfiBus, ModBus, Matlab Simulink compatible and USB, Bluetooth, WiFI and RS485 Bus ready to use. Python Library supplied.

Icon Certified Gas Mixer
Certified Devices and Gas Mixtures.

Our Gas Mixers hold CE, TUV, and cTUVUS certifications, ensuring their quality and safety. Moreover, the gas mixtures produced by our Devices will be ISO 6145 certified (coming soon), providing reliable and accurate results.



Accuracy: (for each channel)

N2, 20 ºC, 101.325 kPa (1 atm):
5-100% FS: 1% of SP
< 5% FS: 0,2% of FS

0,10% of reading
Response time: (for each channel)

100 ms

Power Supply:

In Bundle

Operation Pressure:

Max 3 bar

Working Temperature:

0 – 50 °C

Mass Flow Rates: (for each channel)

0 – 200 mL/min

Total Mixture Flow Rate:

Up to 1,2 L/min


N2, O2, CO2, CH4, Air, He, H2 (additional gases supported on request)


Profibus, Modbus, Matlab Simulink, Python Library


USB PC Interface RS485 with open proprietary protocol.


Swagelok NPT or Push-in fittings for 6-4mm tubes. Other on request.

Inlet Gas Channel:

Up to 6 Inputs

Outlet Gas Channel:

1 Output of mixed gases

User Interface:

Gas mixing software. Touch Display


CE, TUV, cTUVUS, Made in Italy

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