MF-ECO HEPA Jet Pulse Mobile Filter


Welding Fume and Dust

MF-ECO HEPA is a mobile extraction filter unit with pre-filter cartridge (9m2) and HEPA H13/W3 filter box (9m2). Total filter area 18m2. A good solution to dangerous light welding fume and light grinding dust. The built in Jet Pulse cleaning system for the pre-filter makes it possible to clean the pre-filter over 100 times. No expensive pre-filter replacement costs. Also suitable for other situations where the air need to be thoroughly cleaned. 1-Phase/120V/60Hz

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Jet Pulse cleaning.

The pre-filter cartridge is 9m2 and has up to 99% efficiency. It can be cleaned over 100 times with the built in cleaning system. Takes just a few minutes.

HEPA H13/W3 Filter Box.

The HEPA filter box has 9m2 filter area. The efficiency is more than 99.95% which makes it suitable for filtration of dangerous welding fume. For example from stainless steel welding.

Flexible and economical.

MF-HEPA is robust, yet the easily manoeuvrable wheels and the handles make for effortless transportation. Add to this the super-flexible Flexi extractor arm and you have a versatile and flexible filtration unit that can be moved between different workstations.

Extractor arm not included.