NX-1000 without Fan


Coolant or Oil Mist

NX mechanical oil mist filter is designed to eliminate coolant or oil mist from lathing, milling, drilling, sawing, water cutting etc.

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Filter Cassettes

NX-1000 oil mist filters are equipped with a self-draining filter cassette of nailed glass fibre and a HEPA filter. Each filter has a separate pressure gauge (manometer). Over 99,99% filter efficiency is achieved. The cleaned air can be re-circulated into the premises. Keeps heating costs down.


NX 1000 is for 1-2 machines.

Complete Unit without Fan

NX is a complete unit of powdercoated steel sheet with filter cassette and HEPA filter. Inlet from left or right with inlet flange with inside measurement of D.160 mm and cover for the not used inlet. Oil return pipe with 1 inch outside thread.

The NX-1000 oil mist filter without fan shall be connected to a separate fan or central extraction system. The outlet flange has an inside measurement of D.160 mm.