NX-4000 with Fan


Coolant or Oil Mist

NX mechanical oil mist filter is designed to eliminate coolant or oil mist from lathing, milling, drilling, sawing, water cutting etc.

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Filter Cassettes

NX-2000/4000 oil mist filters are equipped with two self-draining filter cassettes of nailed glass fibre and a HEPA filter. Each filter has a separate pressure gauge (manometer). Over 99,99% filter efficiency is achieved. The cleaned air can be re-circulated into the premises. Keeps heating costs down.


NX 2000 for 1-4 machines. NX 4000 for 1-8 machines.

Complete Unit

NX is a complete unit of powdercoated steel sheet with filter cassettes, HEPA filter and fan. Inlet from left or right with inlet flange with inside measure D.200 mm (NX-2000) and D.315 mm (NX-4000). Cover for the not used inlet. Oil return pipe with 1 inch outside thread.

NX-4000 Filter with Fan 3-phase 4 kW for Coolant and Oil Mist

Measurement: 2100x800x900mm