P-Max Fan

$1,429.00 - $1,507.00

Powerful Fans

The P-Max fans are designed for extracting smoke, gas and lighter dust.  They fit directly to the extractor or together with a mounting bracket. Outlet  is round with an inside diameter of 200 mm. For Extractor Cranes the 2100 TURBO is recommended.

Current Stock:

The P-Max fans fit the different extractors in the following ways:

  • The wall bracket directly: Flexi Extractor Arms and Super-Max SMSV.
  • Together with Fan Bracket and Inlet P-088 (d.125 mm), P-016 (d.160 mm) or P-089 (d.200 mm) and Super-Max Extractor Arms.
  • Together with Fan Bracket with Turning Flange P-045 (d.160 mm) or P-151 (d.200 mm): Flexi and Super-Max Extractor Cranes.