Sleeve Assembly


$172.00 - $311.42
  • The 18ga Quick-Fit Sleeve Assembly includes 16 gauge cut pipe, QF Clamp, and 18 gauge Quick-Fit Sleeve with black O-ring.

  • The 14 gauge Quick-Fit Sleeve Assembly is used to provide variable length adjustment of 14 gauge pipe with QF ends. The assembly includes one 8.5" long Quick-Fit Sleeve with O-ring, one nominally 59" long 14ga Duct Pipe, and one QF Clamp. The Pipe has a QF rolled edge on one end, for connection to other QF end ductwork,
    and is raw on the other end. The raw end can be trimmed during installation to complete duct spans less than 5 feet in length.

• For vertical or horizontal installation.

• In all applications, duct must be supported in com- pliance with local regulations.

• For high temperature applications, red O-ring* and QF Clamp with Silicone Seal or QF Clamp with ePTFE Seal may be needed (additional cost). Specify O-ring and Clamp Seal type.

Please note that Nordfab’s standard Quick-Fit Sleeve is not interchangeable with pipe included as part
of the Quick-Fit Sleeve Assembly as the ID of the Sleeves is different.

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