Super M Extractor Arm - 160mm

$4,908.00 - $7,279.00

Made of mirrorpolished, acidproof stainless steel, with free flow in the hose. These are external hydraulically suspended parallelogram arms. Can be sterilized in an autoclave.

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Smoke, Dust and Gases

An extractor arm extracts smoke, dust and gases directly at source, before the contamination has spread in the premises and been inhaled. You will get better working environment, less wear and tear of the machines and lower cleaning costs.

Toughest Working Environments

Super-M is made for the toughest working environments in the Pharmaceutical, Food process and Technical chemical industry. Every detail is made of acid proof, mirror polished stainless steel. Wall bracket, parallelogram arms, handle, hood, damper, bolts, nuts, washers – all of it!

Perfectly balanced.

External hydraulically suspended parallelogram arms make the hood incredibly easy to move and 100 % stable in all positions.

• All Tube Ends are sealed for maximum hygiene

• The Super-M Arm can be sterilised in an Autoclave

• The Arm is earthed the whole way from the hood to the wall
With an antistatic-earthed hose (not standard) the arm is approved for explosive environments.

All Surfaces are mirror polished (not electrolytic polishing) for easy disinfection with chemicals.

Includes wall bracket, hose, and hood.