Super Max Extractor Arm

$1,148.00 - $1,804.00

Our most versatile, economical arm, suited for most any fume extraction needs. Retains its position with inside parallelogram technology, still incredibly easy to move.


Excellent for Welding and Grinding

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Free Airflow in the Hose:
Super-Max has the Support Arm outside
  • Nothing in the hose to disturb the airflow.
  • Better suction for a given fan size.
  • No dirty support arms and friction joints
  • Lower noise level.
Perfectly balanced

The external hydraulically suspended parallelogram arms is the secret. The hood is incredibly easy to move and 100 % stable in all positions. Super-Max is very robustly built which will give a long length of life even in the toughest environments.

Super-Max is a High Quality Product

It is equipped with a long strong steel hood to withstand sparks, chemicals and heat. The hood has a built in adjustable damper. The hose has a smooth inside and is very durable. All parts are laser cut for maximum precision.

Patented Hood

The hood can be angled more than 110° in all directions. The flat shape around the inlet of the hood gives a directional suction effect. You can catch pollution further away from the hood. The hood can be angled more than 110° in all directions. 

Includes wall bracket, hose and hood with damper.

User Regulations

The Flexi Extraction arm designed to extract fumes, gases and dust. Black painted hood of steel with built in damper. Combined universal-and spinning joint to make it possible to turn the hood more than 90° in all directions. Including wallbracket and flame-proof double skin flexible hose with internal steel spiral. Adapted for central or individual extraction fan.


The product is designed to meet the requirements of the relevant EC directives. To maintain this status all installations, repair and maintenance work must be carried out by qualified personnel using only original spare parts. Contact you nearest authorised dealer or Plymoth – Plymex GmbH for advise

WARNING ! Ignition risk for some dust or solvents. Check that no objects which can cause sparking or fire are sucked into the arm. Avoid impacts against hood.

User Instruction

Flexi are designed for capture dust, fumes and gases and the arm can easily be positioned at any point within the working area. For the best capture efficiency, the hood should be positioned as near the fume or dust generating process as possible. Always dimension your systems so the airflow is sufficient for the application in question

Recommended airflow Maximum:
1200 m³/h for models with hose diameter 160 mm
For additional advise contact authorized dealer or Plymoth – Plymex GmbH


We recommend regular safety control at least once a year on following points:
Control the hose, no damages etc.
Control bakelite washers, screws

Installation Instructions
  1. Mount the Wall Bracket
  2. Mount the Parallelogram Arm
  3. Pull the Hose Over the Parallelogram Arm
  4. Mount the Hood
  5. Fasten the Hose
Installation image
Spare parts image
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