Super Max Extractor Crane

$2,334.00 - $4,112.00

The King of large Areas

Super-Max Extractor Crane is the optimal solution when you need to cover large work areas. It is not just a stretched extractor arm. Two ball-bearing mounted horizontal arms with disc brakes give the excellent horizontal maneuverability. The external hydraulically suspended parallelogram arms make the hood incredibly easy to move and 100 % stable in all positions.

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Free Airflow in the Hose

With the support arms outside.

Super-Max is a High Quality Product

It is equipped with a long strong steel hood to withstand sparks, chemicals and heat. The hood has a built in adjustable damper. The hose has a smooth inside and is very durable. All parts are laser cut for maximum precision.

Patented Hood

The patented Hood can be angled more than 110°.

Includes wall bracket, two horizontal support arms w/ ball bearings and disc brakes, extraction arm w/ hose, hood, and damper.