Super Vac High Vacuum Extractor Arm/Crane

$1,148.00 - $3,161.00

Super-Vac makes the difference

Super-Vac high vacuum arms and cranes make the difference between a bad and a good high vacuum installation. Quick and easy handling of the extraction hood is essential with high vacuum installations. The hood has to be repositioned with short intervals to be close enough to catch for example welding fumes.

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Perfectly balanced

The external hydraulically suspended parallelogram arms are the secret. The hood is incredibly easy to move and 100 % stable in all positions. Super-Vac Extractor Cranes have two ball-bearing mounted horizontal arms with disc brakes. Both the horizontal and vertical manoeuvrability is excellent. The extractor will really be used.

A High Quality Product

Super-Vac has a long and strong steel hood to withstand sparks, chemicals and heat. There is as standard a high vacuum damper in the hood. The design is strong and rigid and works well even in the toughest environments.

Includes wall bracket, high vacuum hose and hood with damper.