Wall Flex Cartridge Filter


Dust and Fumes

Plymoth Wall-Flex cartridge filters are designed for use with Flexi extractor arms. With up to 99% efficiency they clean the premises of light welding  fumes, lighter grinding dust etc. The cleaned air is recirculated into the premises, with no heat loss at all.

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Replacement Cartridge

Filtration of pollutants is carried out in two stages. Access to the maintenance-free, replaceable cartridge filter is easy and changing it takes just a couple of minutes.
An activated carbon filter for gases is also available. A carbon filter holder is then needed (P-085).

Wallbracket and Fan

Wall-Flex is as standard equipped with a strong wall bracket. The fan is to be mounted on the topside and Flexi FLT extractor arms 1,5-3 m on the bottom side of the filter box. Wall-Flex can be connected to a central extraction system.

Extractor Arms not included