Flexi Major Extraction Arm - QS

$1,024.00 - $1,554.00

The Modern Extractor Arm

Flexi Major is a very flexible extractor. The design is compact and smooth. The d.200 mm version is specially made for heavy smoke, dust and gases.

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Incredibly easy to move

Modern parallelogram technology is the secret. The arm is incredibly easy to move and retains its position. The extractor hood can be angled more than 110° in all directions.

Halogen Lamp Cartridge

A 20 Watt halogen lamp cartridge can easily be fitted to the hood.

High Quality Extractor

Flexi Major is a high quality extractor arm. It has a long strong steel hood to withstand sparks, chemicals and heat. The flat shape around the inlet of the hood gives a directional suction effect, which optimizes the suction power. All parts are laser cut for maximum precision.