• Nordfab QF duct pipe


      QF® Duct Pipe has a laser welded seam and Quick-Fit (QF) rolled ends for use ... Read More

    $39.79 - $868.37
  • Nordfab quick fit elbow


    Duct Elbows, also referred to as bends, allow airflow direction change in a line of ... Read More

    $52.56 - $1,420.60
  • Nordfab Q-F Ducting  Branch


    QF Branches (sometimes called “wyes” or “laterals”) are standard with QF rolled ends, allowing quick ... Read More

    $153.07 - $1,095.61
  • Nordfab Q-F T-branch


    Nordfab QF® T-branch duct fittings are available in galvanized and stainless steel.   QF Tee Branch ø A ... Read More

    $155.48 - $1,109.98
  • Nordfab Q-F double branch

    Double Branch

    Nordfab’s Quick-Fit® (QF) ductwork clamps together in seconds without welds, bolts, screws, flanges, special tools, ... Read More

    $195.96 - $1,328.14
  • In Cut

    In Cut

    Nordfab QF® In-cut duct fittings are used to cut into existing duct lines to begin ... Read More

    $69.23 - $1,040.64
  • Y Branch

    Y Branch

    Nordfab QF® duct branches in Y shape (sometimes called “true wyes”) are standard 60º between ... Read More

    $196.88 - $1,333.77
  • Tap In

    Tap In

    Nordfab QF® Tap-In duct fittings are used to cut into existing lines to begin a ... Read More

    $69.23 - $743.20