101 Industrial Full Block™ 101N Series True Union Ball Valve (TUBV)

Colonial Engineering Inc.

$32.00 - $2,982.00


Premium quality, Full Port Sch 80 design, suited for the most demanding industrial, commercial plumbing, aquatic, or irrigation environments. Premium performance in piping systems since 1984.

• Blocked carrier held securely with a patented locking-strip, which also allows for external seat- wear adjustment.

• Dual stem o-rings. The stem is designed to shear above the secondary o-ring under excessive force. This is an important safety feature.

• Two stem-stops for positive shut-off. Floating ball design for pressure-assisted sealing downstream.

• True Union design permits easy removal of valve body for service. Complete inventory of repair parts is readily available.

• Vacuum rating: 26 Hg (inches mercury) with less than 1 Hg loss.

• 100% tested for a bubble-tight seal.

• Meets ASTM F-1970 for pressure-rating.

• Socket dimensions meet all ASTM requirements: PVC D-2467, D-2464; CPVC F-439, F437

• Version with vented ball available for sodium hypochlorite application. (See separate submittal)

• Available in PVC, CPVC and Polypropylene. PVC and CPVC versions are certified to NSF/ANSI 61-G & 372

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