801 Series True Union Ball Valve

Colonial Engineering Inc.

$71.00 - $489.00

Features and Benefits:

● Lightweight, thermoplastic design resists process and atmospheric corrosion.

● Pressure rating 150 psi max for 1-1/2 - 3”, 100 psi for 4” (non- shock water at 73º F).

● Blue PVC impact resistant molded, replaceable handle

● PVC with EPDM o-rings and PE seats.

● 3-year limited warranty

● Features a blocked seat carrier, to prevent blowout if union nut is removed while valve is under pressure in the closed position. Carrier is also adjustable for seat-wear. Seat carrier is threaded into the body. The handle can be removed and used as a spanner wrench to tighten the carrier to adjust for seat wear. It can also be used to unthread the carrier to disassemble the valve.

Current Stock:

Designed for swimming pool, pond, irrigation, tanks and other water applications with lower concentrations of chlorine or other chemical additives. The dimensional chart on this brochure has been updated for the MKIII series, which feature “Colonial III” molded on the handle.