Fume Extraction

Through our Monkey Arms branch, we provide economical, flexible solutions to your fume extraction applications, including exhaust, dust, gas, debris, and mist. Choose from articulating, self-supporting arms and snorkels, filters, and industrial quality fans to keep your workspace clear.

About the Manufacturer 

Plymoth is a Swedish leader in worldwide fume extraction, experts in the parallelogram technology that makes our arms so easy to use and store. The high environmental awareness in Scandinavia combined with the strong workspace legislation in Europe has been the driving force for the development of high quality products and high efficiency system-solutions.
Today it is well known that good working environment means healthier staff, but also safer and better production quality, better efficiency and ecology; a company with good working environment is an attractive work place.
Plymoth’s environmental solutions contribute to lower energy consumption in the manufacturing process, emission reduction for the factory and consequently to a lower environmental impact.

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